Monday, July 11, 2011

Compare and Contrast US and Brazil

When your comparing and Contrasting United States and Brazil with Economic Status you are thinking of Population, Unemployment Rate, GDP, Products and more.. Well Brazil and United States are both very large but Brazil is large and Well Developed and United States is large and Technologically Powerful. They both have about the same Wheat's and corns, but not really fruits or vegetables.
Brazil and the United States continue to engage on a number of issues,
counternarcotics, counterterrorism, energy security, trade, human rights, and the enviroment.They both have a president as head of state that are elected.They both are federal governments, although in the US the federations have more autonomy.  They both have three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial that have autonomy to create "checks and balances".

 Now the Differences between United States and Brazil there is a lot of differences with the Population and Unemployment Rate. Brazil was one of the first emerging markets to begin a recovery. Brazil's GDP is $2.09 Trillion(2010) and United States is $14.66 Trillion(2010). Unemployment Rate in Brazil is 7% and In US its 9.7%.  Theres a difference bettween a lot of these numbers between these to countrys. Unites States Population is about 500 million and Brazils Population is about 8113 million people it says since last october 24th of 2010 it has went down.

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